Welcome to the nonsenses

I use this space to share ideas I have in my head. Most of them will not make any sense. Some of them will even seem to have been meditated, but nothing could be further from the truth.

I write this because it’s a way to understand the world around me and to share it with others. And it is also a way to meet other people.

At the moment I have 4 different sections. I don't like to read the same formats constantly, so i don't want to share them either. Therefore you can find:

  • Unwired Ideas: Five fleeting thoughts on life.

  • Monthly Digest: A recap of my project progress.

  • Observations: Glimpses from my global journeys.

  • Enduring Ideas: Deep dives into the intricacies of my experiences.

Maybe one of those words I write gets you to see something from a different point of view.

Or help you move forward with your projects.

Or make you think about what you want in life with more intention.

That would be amazing.

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